If you spend lots of time looking at computers, laptops, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. you likely know this is true. Every year, these products get better and better! With this onslaught of new & exciting technology, the manner in which you use your eyes evolves and also needs to adapt. And yes, we know it’s not always easy.

Technology in eyeglass lenses is advancing each year. Advanced technology in eyeglass lenses is imperative to meet your ever-changing visual needs and lifestyle habits. We go through continuous education and intense training to fit you with the very latest in lens technologies. Everyone is unique in the way in which they use their eyes. We’re at a point now in which your lenses can actually be custom made for you, your eyes, and your eyes alone! It’s very exciting!

From computer glasses to progressive lenses or prescription polarized lenses, Bella Eye Care Optometry can help you decide on the right vision technology for you and your family.

Lenses are the most important aspect of your eyeglasses. You probably don’t think about it, but it’s the lenses that do the work for you! You’ll be amazed when we show you the difference at Bella Eye Care Optometry in Newark, just 15 minutes across the bay from Facebook.

At Bella Eye Care Optometry, it is our mission to provide you with best fitting lens and lens technology. Accordingly, every one of our staff members undergoes a comprehensive training and are required to continually be educated in new and emerging lens technologies