December 8, 2016

Your 2016 Flex Funds Expire Soon!

Many of us are covered by health insurance paid for by our employer. For most of us, there is a portion of that policy every year […]
November 16, 2016

Those Pesky Floaters

No, we are not talking about people on rafts in the pool during the summer. Floaters are those vexing shadows that occasionally move across our eyes. […]
November 10, 2016

Do Contacts Right (and Left)

Over 41 million Americans wear contact lenses. Most contact lens wearers take shortcuts that can lead to serious eye infections. When you received your first pair […]
November 10, 2016

How a photograph could save your Child’s eyes

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to take and share a ton of baby photos after a new baby is born. While most photos draw […]